Raw HTTP Operation


You must be on CDK v4.0.0 or higher to use RAW Http operation.

Raw HTTP operation allows you to use the API endpoints that you have not converted into connector operations yet.

Raw HTTP operation use the Global Config object to call the new API endpoint.

It is enabled by default and you must use it with along with GlobalConfig file.

The setting for this can be found in the connector.json file. Here is a the connector.json file for a sample connector. Notice the last line "rawHttp": { "enabled": true }.

  "name": "[namespace]-tmdb",
  "version": "1.0",
  "title": "TMDB",
  "description": "",
  "service": {
    "name": "[service-name]",
    "version": "1"
  "tags": ["service"],
  "isTrigger": false,
  "rawHttp": { "enabled": true }

You can disable this default on your connector by setting this flag to false. If set to false, You will have to build a connector operation for every endpoint you want to use.

Once the connector is deployed, you will see a Raw HTTP operation listed for the connector on Tray UI: