Tray's APIs give you direct programmatic access to the power of Tray's connectors and auth creation / storage tools.

The following APIs are available:

  • Connectors API for calling API operations for hundreds of service connectors
  • Authentications API for creating, retrieving and deleting authentications for particular services
  • Triggers API for receiving data from third party services in real time

Quick start

To get you started as quickly as possible, we recommend you make use of our Form Builder demo app.

This will allow you to connect to your account, create some auths and start playing with the connectors and operations you have access to.

It gives you insight into how 3rd party calls are made and what responses to expect.

Our Building a Dynamic UI form tutorial then gives a breakdown of how to render dynamic forms using JSONschema returned by connector, and will help you get started on building your own integration.