This is a reference documentation for the Tray.io Embedded GraphQL APIs.

Please visit our Tray Embedded Documentation to familiarize yourself with Tray Embedded and learn how it can help you put the automation power of Tray.io in the hands of your End Users.

Use the examples with queries and mutations and the associated code samples to test out scripts using different input/filter criteria (e.g. 'Get User by Id' or 'Get Solution Instances by owner').

You can also click 'Run in Postman' button below to import and run the collection in your local Postman app. You can also try out our Insomnia Http Client collection as a local testing environment.

Note: The Tray GraphQL API is a backend API only and calls must be invoked server-side. Client-side Javascript calls to the API should not be made as they will be blocked by CORS.

Our demo app (built using Apollo GraphQL) is a good illustration of how you can create a UI which presents an End User with their available Solutions while making all API calls server-side - using a button to hand over the Solution Instance configuration to our End User Config Wizard in a pop-up or iframe.