When using the Call connector endpoint, certain 3rd party operations such as Salesforce 'List records' or Marketo 'List leads' may return long lists of data which will need to be paginated.

This can be dealt with using parameters such as batch_size, next_page_token etc.

The exact pagination parameters will depend on the service.

Next page tokens and batch sizes will have to be passed in the call connector input.

The token for the next batch and e.g. 'has more’ information will be returned in the 200 response.

You can use our operations explorer to check the input and output schema for each operation to look for any pagination parameters.

The following shows an example input for the Salesforce 'List Records' operation which passes a batch_size and page_offset token:

  "operation": "find_records",
  "authId": "a5f886xx-xxxx-xxx-xxx-xxf9459933",
  "input": {
    "object": "Account",
    "batch_size": 200,
    "page_offset": "0r84J1RcJ9gaMpWQKU-200",
    "fields": ["Id", "Name"],
    "conditions_type": "Match any conditions"
  "returnOutputSchema": false